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How to Choose the Best Graduation Flowers

Choosing the best flower to commemorate this day is the first things that you should do. When choosing the flowers that you will give as a graduation gift, make sure that the blooms are fresh so that it will last a long time. You don’t need to be a professional florist to be able to choose the best flowers.

Some of the most chosen graduation flowers are the following:

  • Roses. Mixed roses will always be a nice graduation basket or bouquet to offer.
  • Gerbera daisy. This flower should be enclosed by greenery. This way, it will give the impression you wish to see on the recipient’s face when you give this gift to them.
  • Tulips. These blooms can also become a beautiful graduation flowers as well. Yellow and purple tulips will surely make put a smile on the lips of the graduate instantly when they receive it. If you are thinking of using them as your graduation gift, you must remember that these flowers are one of the best graduation blooms that you can give them!

What are the Best Graduation Flower Arrangements?

If you have skills in flower arranging, you can make a personalized arrangement for your own gift. You can also add extra items such as their favourite stuffed toys, movie tickets or CD’s of their favourite artists to make it more charming to the eyes of the recipient. However, if you need to have an extravagantly-arranged flower gift, you can always go to your local flower shop and ask a team of professional florist to help you out.

Select colourful and cheerful flowers. The flowers mentioned previously are some of the best choices that you can get from your local flower shop. You can mix them around and make an elegant graduation flower arrangement!

Here’s what you need to remember in choosing the best flowers for your graduation gift arrangement:

  • Mix pink carnations, mini orange carnations, yellow button poms and Monte casino to convey a bright and joyful graduation flower gift arrangement.
  • If you are going to use pink hydrangeas in your arrangement, make sure that you add yellow, red or purple on it to create a vibrant feel on your gift!
  • Make a magnificent graduation flower arrangement using red carnations, yellow daisies, pink asters and connect them to three latex balloons and you will definitely produce a party or celebrative atmosphere in a flash!
  • Other flowers such as iris, pink gerbera daisies, leather leaf, spray roses, solidago, statice and curly willow are also some of the worthy choices for your graduation gift flower arrangement! These flowers are cheerful, lovely and easy-looking flowers that will bring a smile to your intended recipient’s lips upon seeing your gift.
  • A basket loaded with red carnations and yellow tulips, pink lilies or red roses can also become a heart-warming combination to your graduation gift! You may also put blue roses in arrangement, however; always put them together with other white, yellow or light pink blooms to make a harmonic contrast.

When putting your flower arrangement together, make sure that you place them on a tight basket or container so that the moisture would not easily escape thus prolonging the life of the blooms. Finally, if you have no idea about what exactly to give the graduate, you can research about their preferred flowers. Ask your common friends or their parents and relatives. This way, you can never go wrong with your gift especially if the recipient is someone close to your heart.